The medical device manufacturing company, American Medical Systems (AMS) is currently facing lawsuits filed by women across the nation who have received urogynecologic operations using defective AMS transvaginal mesh products. AMS manufactured and marketed several transvaginal mesh implants designed to repair pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI) conditions. But after receiving thousands of injury and adverse event reports related to transvaginal mesh implants, the FDA has issued an official notice warning patients and health care providers of the potentially harmful medical devices. Many of the reports involved AMS transvaginal mesh sling products that have been marketed under the following names:

  • Apogee
  • Elevate
  • Mini-Arc
  • Monarch
  • Perigee
  • Spare

Serious Side Effects from AMS Vaginal Mesh Slings

Both POP and SUI occur due to the weakening of the muscles and ligaments supporting the organs. Although traditional POP and SUI repair surgeries rely primarily on sutures repositioning the sagging organs, off-label use of surgical mesh became a common method of strengthening the support. Medical device manufacturers like AMS quickly developed mesh support systems designed specifically for transvaginal implantation. However, recent analysis of medical literature and patient adverse event reports have revealed that the use of a surgical mesh in either POP procedures or SUI repair operations do not have any symptomatic benefits, while exposing patients to risks unique to mesh implant surgeries. Complications that have been associated with AMS transvaginal mesh implants include:

  • Mesh contraction
  • Erosion of the mesh through vaginal tissue
  • Perforation of organs
  • Recurrent POP
  • Recurrent SUI
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Chronic pain
  • Infection
  • Vaginal scarring/shortening

AMS Transvaginal Mesh Complication Lawsuits

Women who experience complications caused by AMS transvaginal mesh or pelvic sling failure typically require at least one revision surgery to remove the surgical mesh. Because the AMS devices were designed to be a permanent support system, even with multiple surgeries, complete removal may not be possible, leaving patients facing permanent chronic pain. As a medical device manufacturing company, AMS has a duty to ensure the products and procedures it markets are safe and effective alternatives to other types of treatment, and can be held liable for the damages related to the mesh implant failure. Victims of the defective AMS devices are recommended to consult a professional product liability lawyer who can help patients collect damages such as:

  • Cost of revision surgery
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of ability to have sexual intercourse
  • Medical, surgical, and hospital expenses

Experienced Defective Medical Device Lawyers

Against a formidable defendant like AMS, having experienced legal representation is a key factor in successfully recovering the full and fair compensation you deserve. The AMS transvaginal mesh injury lawyers at Estey Bomberger have successfully represented clients against large medical device manufacturers, and are equipped with the financial resources and legal experience to defend your legal rights against large companies like American Medical Systems. For a free case evaluation to determine your rights to file a lawsuit for your AMS mesh implant injuries, please schedule a free consultation today.


  1. Audrey Hollatz
    Jun 30, 2013 @ 06:09:16

    I am very confused at this point. I had a hysterectomy which included placement of transvaginal mesh and also a mesh patch, this was in December, 2007. No problems for a while, then slowly I noticed a return of the incontinence that I had originally had the surgery to correct. This discomfort has gradulaay increased to now I am experiencing so many symptoms–urinary incontinence, low pelvic pain, low back pain, chronic constipation, almost daily nausea, bloating. The most dramatic symptom is that I have tissue (not sure what it is) protruding out., additionally I have lost the ability to know when I need to empty my bowel. I am not able to have an intimate realtionship at all. Due to the fact that I had become laid off, I was/am not covered with med. ins, so I have not had any repair procedures, yet will seek the care of a urogynecologist as soon as I have insurance coverage. In the meantime, it has become apparent to me that my illness and symptoms must be related to the original surgery I had, and I am very fearful that this cannot be fixed? A consult would be appreciated, I have had some attorney offices call, yet I am not sure exactly what to do–my health is priceless to me, I am genrally a very active, happy woman. Lately I am gaining weight because of my inability to exercise due to pain, my bloating, and constipation–I am miseralble.


  2. Dave E.
    Apr 15, 2014 @ 00:42:28

    My wife had the mesh implant surgery in 2010. She has a lot of the same symptoms as you. It has affected our marriage as the pain has been unbearable when we were intimate. My advice to you is to contact one of the lawyers as quickly as possible. There are time constraints and deadlines which which are looming quick.
    This device affects husbands and families also.
    Good luck!


  3. karen
    Feb 22, 2015 @ 04:11:01

    Four years ago I started having trouble with my bowels.I could not control them as time went along it got impossible to hold them,two more years went by, the pain was so bad in my stomach I started going to doctors,first two colon tests ,everything was fine,I couldn’t understand why I was bleeding out my,I had two pap test,nothing wrong then t went for more tests,then when I went for the third pap test,the doctor told me that I had mesh in me.I had no idea that they put that’s mesh in me six years ago,picture was coming together after fourteen e.r visits,they all tolded me I was fine,nothing wrong,so as time went along ,six more months later,the was unbearable,by then I was bleeding from the vaginal and bowels,my back hurt so bad,I sleep in a chair.vomiting black water everyday,lost twenty pounds from vomiting and my bowels was out of control by I decided to go to the doctor that put the mesh in,she folded me that I had transvaginal sling and two stripes of transvaginal tape in me,I lost it,I tolded her to make arrangement to take it out ,it saw deadly and poisoning me,I was dying from all that poison in my stomach,she told me that I was fine,I looked at her and taken it out or I fine somebody that will ,the paid got so bad,I lay on the floor on my stomach to help the pain,a week before the operation ,I was in bed,I was dying, the day come for the operation,my doctor found that the transvaginal tape had strength into my organs,she removed about seven inches of tape had strength,I still have a piece transvaginal tape and pelvin sling in me.I will need two more operators to removed everything,my bowel are still messed up ,can’t hold my bladder now,still have cramps everyday,my body wants to reject that poison sling and trans vaginal,I will never be the same,destroy my bowels and bladder Karen, ohio


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