Transvaginal mesh devices have been in use since the late 1990’s and are used to treat stress urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse (POP), and other similar disorders. Boston Scientific was the first manufacturer to introduce a transvaginal mesh product to the market and soon after, many other medical device manufacturers were producing and selling surgical mesh products. Many manufacturers like Ethicon (subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) were able to obtain Food and Drug Administration approval simply due to the fact that their product closely resembled Boston Scientific’s original surgical mesh device.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

When a manufacturer puts profits over safety, the manufacturer of a dangerous product may be liable for the damages associated with an injury caused by the use of their product. Patients who have suffered as a result of a transvaginal mesh device may be entitled to financial compensation from the manufacturer. Before a victim can collect compensation, however, a personal injury claim must be filed. A personal injury claim is simply a legal action taken by an individual who has been harmed by the negligent or careless actions of another person or corporation. There are many phases to a personal injury lawsuit, and without the representation of a skilled attorney, a claim can be difficult to navigate.

Making the Claims Process a Smooth One

A skilled personal injury attorney at Estey Bomberger can ensure that every step of the legal process is a smooth one. We work alongside some of the best in investigation, medicine, and life planning, and will utilize these resources to ensure your claim is evaluated accurately. You deserve full and fair compensation for medical care costs (including secondary surgeries), past, current, and future lost earnings, mental distress, loss of quality of life, and physical pain.

Time is Limited

If you suffered a serious transvaginal mesh related complication, such as an infection, pain, bladder perforation, mesh erosion or any other type of serious complication, you must not wait to consult a product liability lawyer at the law firm of Estey Bomberger. Most victims are only allowed two years from the date of the injury or when the injury was “discovered” to file a claim. Once the time allowed expires, a victim will be denied the opportunity to recover injury-related compensation. Call today and we will quickly determine the time limits that apply to your case. Call our firm at anytime of the day or night for free. We look forward to taking your call and getting you the help you need.




  1. Thomas J. Lopresto, Esq.
    Jan 21, 2014 @ 16:19:03

    I am a retired attorney seeking the attorney who is representing my daughter, Frances Lilly, in a mesh litigation. She passed away on Oct. 6th, 2013 in Bluffton, S.C. survived by my 3 grandchildren and a recent spouse. Her married name was Frances Lillly Phipps.
    She had severe complications and damages as a result of the surgery and we were told by my daughter prior to her death that she had contacted an attorney. Her injury and complications occurred prior to her recent marriage.
    Please let me know if you are representing her or you can find out who is.


  2. Nancy
    Nov 06, 2015 @ 06:53:59

    hi I had to transnational mash stand in 2011 cents and I have vaginal discharge and linkage vaginal pain discomfort I can’t sit longer than 15 minutes at a time and since then I’ve had sex maybe 7 times with my husband and he can’t go in all the way but is very understanding and it’s causing a little bit of us quite a bit of a strain on our relationship thank you


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